Tuesday, November 13

The Oranges

On the picture above, I am pretending that I am tan. In the middle of november. Yeah, you got that right.
I miss you summer. I don't even have a clue how to survive this winter, plus school is actually just really killing me. Sorry for saying that again and again. BUT! there is a wonderful film starting in december.
I just have to say that it includes my favorites of the favorites. Hugh Laurie, who plays Dr.House, which is actually the best TV show of the world; Leighton Meester, everbody knows Blair Waldorf; and Adam Brody from the OC. I am expecting the best film of the year, because the plotline is just great and the cast is even better. And its just funny and has my sort of humour, and its lovely and it includes Hugh Laurie!

OK well, I'll just stop playing that annoying fan girl; watch the trailer! Don't you dare to not watch it! Kisses

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