Thursday, August 23

My Art: I Remember you

"You got old. Those hard times, I always saw them in your wise eyes. 
 They were telling stories, like those you used to tell me when I was little.
I always remember them, those words are burned onto the back of my head.
Do you remember the old willow tree? It also got very old, with the time.
I sometimes go there, just to watch your shadows dancing.
Playing hide&seek with me. When the wind is calm, then I lay down.
I close my eyes and I imagine a lot. I see a lot of things.
It helps me to get through the day. It really does.
I wish I had seen you more often. But now, I understand things
a lot better. But sometimes, it is really tough.
And I see, that I am not that strong. And that it is easy to hurt.
Then, I really miss you. And I regret that I didn't visit you, and I didn't
call, because I was so selfish. Then, I am also sorry. 
I wish I could go backwards, but I can't. I cried alot, when you left.
I will remember you. I promise."


Laura said...

wie kann man nur so kreativ sein? :)

Caily said...

wow, inspirierend!